A Guide to Buying Corner Hutches

Having a corner hutch is not only very practical, it also adds a lot to the décor of any room. Utilizing corner space is very important for small as well as large rooms and nothing makes use of a corner like a good corner hutch. Corner hutches are generally found in dining rooms, but they work great in kitchens and even living rooms. Corner hutches differ from each other with regards to the type of wood used, the size, the number of shelves and cabinets and so on. Choosing the right one from among the large variety out on the market can be a bit tricky. So here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for a corner hutch for your home.


Once you decide to buy a corner hutch, you should calculate how much money you will be able to spend on it. This is important because corner hutches can come in a whole range of prices. The difference between the ones at the bottom of this range and the one at the top are quite big. The wood from which the piece is made will determine its price to a large extend. Good hardwood corner hutches will always be very expensive, but the cheaper ones made of poor quality veneer are not very reliable and may not be much value for money. If your budget is constrained, go for a lower-end hardwood piece, it could offer the best value for money. The one offered by American Drew offers a good balance between price and quality. The size of your corner hutch will also influence its price; more on that below.


How big you want your corner hutch to be will depend on the size of the room, the space available and your budget. Ideally, if you have a big room and money to spend, go for a big and grand corner hutch. It will just add oodles of class to the décor. Also, no one went wrong with some extra storage and display pace. If you have budgetary constraints, then you could maybe go for a smaller size instead of compromising on the quality of wood.

Other Factors

You might also want to take other things into consideration depending on what you want to use your corner hutch for. For example, if it’s mainly for storing stuff instead of displaying them, then you won’t want too much glass, but will need good and strong doors. In this way, you should consider the number of shelves, cabinets and so on that you want in you corner hutch.

Delicious Drinks For Outdoor Parties

Outdoor parties aren’’t complete without some fruit juices or cocktail mixes. They’re like the life of the party. Everybody loves their throats to be splashed with different colors and flavors. Imagine this: A hot day at the pool with your friends, everybody getting all drained out by the heat and there’s nothing to quench their thirst. It’s a bummer right?

Everyone usually looks forward on the drinks that are going to be served. With this on your mind, you should prepare a wide range of fruit juices. This will help them choose a drink that they prefer. Some may consider cocktails rather than juices so always have one on the side. Tequila, whiskey and coke, long island iced tea and mai tai are some of the top drinks you can serve in an outdoor party. You should also consider the age range of the people you’ll be inviting and if they are up to drinking alcohol mixed beverages.


Keep them chilled. That is the number one rule in serving drinks. A beverage that is not cold is like drinking a thirst inducer rather than a quencher. You know that feeling when you’re so thirsty and you drank something not cold, it’s like your thirst worsens. So always keep a bunch of ice stocked on a small freezer like the ones at The Freezer Guide so that whenever the drink gets warm, you’ll have something to cool it down. Adding up some ice can also keep the drinks to their temperature, maintaining the coldness and the taste it has. Some of the drinks require them to be cold to let their flavor out.

Being prepared keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of hosting an outdoor party. Always keep in mind that the best parties are based on the drinks you serve. It’s what makes an occasion more memorable. Of course aside from the drinks, you should have something for them to stuff up their throat s and fill their tummies. You wouldn’t’ want them to be hungry right? Keep this in mind and you’ll be an instant party organizer in no time.

Choosing Furniture For Your HD Television

When deciding where to place your TV there are a few things that we usually keep in mind. The surface needs to be stable, and we want it to look good. Stability is usually not a problem when you’re buying something since they are thought out well. When you want it to look good, this is more of a matter of opinion and taste. It will also vary depending on how the rest of your room already looks.

However, you still need to decide, should you get a wall mount for it? Or a stand? Maybe a credenza? or should it be part of a really large entertainment center? These are all questions that will be very specific to your current setup.

When we want a comfortable viewing angle for a TV as well. There’s no point in it looking good and matching with everything if any time we go to watch some television, it hurts our necks! This means it will have to be at the proper eye level, or angled properly. If you’re going to keep the HDTV on a stand you already have, and want to make it reach the proper eye level try using a riser from a site such as TVRiser.net. A riser can add a few extra inches to the height of your TV to make it match your eye level. This is particularly useful when you’re resting the TV on a low piece of furniture, such as a coffee table, or when your couch or stools are higher than normal.

If you opt for the wall mount, you just need to make sure the initial mount height is proper so you can see it. These tend to be invisible, since they’re behind your TV unit, so all you see is the TV. Some will let you angle the screen to match your preferred angles. This is especially useful when you mount it really high.

It is another issue in itself to mount something that is so fragile and heavy on the wall, but that is for another article. Either pay someone to do it, or really learn about how to do it so your electronics don’t come crashing down. However, for now you can follow these few easy steps for a pleasant TV viewing experience.

Becoming A Better Host For Parties With Mixed Drinks

I have been learning a few tips here and there about making better mixed drinks. These are coming from people who really enjoy their drinks, so I can trust them.

Some drinks I’ve learned about recently are the Moscow mule, Old Fashioned, and the Painkiller. These are all pretty different drinks I realize, but they are ones to add to the repertoire. They are simple, they taste great, and they have cool stories about how they came about.

My goal is to be able to make these at a moment’s notice (with a full bar ready of course), while building upon my other drink skills. These specific ones I have taken a liking to since I have had gotten lucky and tried ones that tasted really good to me.

I will be on the lookout for more tasty beverages to add, but for now I will work on these. They’ll also give me an excuse to restock the bar, and have some sips while “working”.

Quickly Preparing Pineapples For Your Guests’ Drinks

Whenever you’re hosting a party, you want to be able to interact with your guests as much as possible. A lot of work goes into setting up the bar or drink station for your party. You need to have a bunch of the garnish ready, ice on hand, and restock your assortment of liquors and drink mixers and of course have the blender cleaned and ready.

Sure, you if you really enjoy doing this kind of stuff you can spend all day at the bar, but maybe your friends and guests do not want to stand around all day waiting for their delicious tiki drink. If you happen to be working with pineapples, nothing is better than using fresh ones for your drinks. You can even prep and cut these pineapples in front of your guests for an extra wow factor.

The problem is you are limited in time and space to cut these bad boys up. Luckily a handy item we can keep on hand is a pineapple cutter tool. This lightweight, compact pineapple cutter will free up so much time while making drinks you won’t even believe it, and you can keep the pineapple outer to use as a tiki drink cup. How else would you get a cup like that by hand?

Keep a pineapple cutter nearby. Just cut the top off the fruit, and make sure you have a steady base. Insert the cutter centered over the core, and then hold the fruit firmly. Gently rotate the cutter until you almost reach all the way to the bottom. It’s better to err on the higher side, so you don’t cut all the way through the fruit and waste the cup. Simply pull out the fruit and pull out the core of the pineapple and you’ll have a drink ready to go. If you want to slice, and core these fruits without spending too much, see the pineapple cutter by Vacu Vin that’s pretty affordable.

Your guests will love it! top it off with your favorite tropical or tiki drinks and add a garnish. Some mini umbrellas are a must!